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Digital Marketing Strategy

10 Reasons Why Do You Need a Digital Marketing Strategy in 2022

Introduction A digital marketing strategy is a crucial tool for any organization that desires to launch effective marketing campaigns that guarantee returns on investment. The internet is full of businesses that may offer similar products and services to yours. Therefore, to get the upper hand against competitors, it is important to invest in a digital […]

Disaster Recovery
Elements of A Disaster Recovery Plan

5 Elements of A Disaster Recovery Plan – Is Your Business Prepared?

Introduction Every organization should come up with a disaster recovery plan to mitigate the potential damages that could be incurred in case of any disasters. Some of the most common disasters include fires, flooding, hurricanes, cyber-attacks, earthquakes among others. The list of tragedies that could be experienced by a company is usually dependent on factors […]

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What are the Infrastructure Requirements for Artificial Intelligence

What are the Infrastructure Requirements for Artificial Intelligence?

Introduction With the demand for Artificial Intelligence powered solutions growing by the day, so does the need for companies to understand the right technology and infrastructure required to apply these solutions. The AI pipeline consists of several steps from data collection and preparation, model creation, model training and evaluation, and finally inference. Whether the solution […]

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How Can Retailers Benefit From SEO

How Can Retailers Benefit From SEO?

Introduction COVID-19 pandemic has greatly impacted many retailers in the world. With regulations such as social distancing, many clients are shying away from public places including retail stores. Many retailers are therefore adopting online solutions such as using social media, websites, and various platforms to conduct business. This is great however a new problem arises. […]

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