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How to Automate a Real Estate Business using Custom CRM software

Introduction While your Real Estate business is small, it is much easier to keep track of information about your team, clients, and potential leads. But as it grows the data becomes overwhelming as leads may be scattered across social media platforms, websites, and various other platforms. Information in the form of phone calls, texts, and emails that […]

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Post Pandemic Recovery Services For Enterprise Brands

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is not over yet. However, countries across the globe are increasingly easing lockdown in order to let the wheels of the economy come back to life and resume running. The pandemic and its consequent lockdowns the world over caused social and economic disruptions took a terrible toll on the economies of nations and[…]

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Protecting Cloud Applications: A SaaS Point of View

Introduction With several Cloud computing platforms emerging in the last few decades, many companies have adopted the Software as a service (SaaS) model to easily implement software solutions. A custom Software Development company in Dallas Texas or a software development company from any other state can easily implement a SaaS solution for your business without the need[…]