Develop your application and let your business grow

Application Development

In terms of diversity, application development is the largest one in the entire range of IT services provided globally. At AOF Engineering systems, with the help of technologies which are both proprietary-based and open-source, we offer almost the same level of diversification. Whether you need an app from scratch or need to customize an existing one, we have an experienced team of developers ready to build your solutions for web, mobile and intranet. In the same way, we can serve business of any size – be it a startup, small business entity or an enterprise.

Application Development Services we offer

Cloud Application Development

If you desire to leverage cloud infrastructure to support your business we have experts well versed with Aws, Google cloud, Azure, and other cloud service providers.

Cross-Platform Desktop App Development

We also build desktop apps supporting all platforms Windows, Mac, or Linux according to your needs.

Maintenance and Support

Not only will we build the apps but we’ll facilitate maintenance and modifications to suit your business needs.

VR and AR apps

Alternate reality experiences to add a new dimension to your business.

Cross-Platform Mobile App Development

We can build apps using native languages for Android or IOS or hybrid apps.

UI/UX Design and Development

Custom user interface designs according to your brand, and development according to your specification.

Benefits of Application Development by working with AOF Engineering systems.


We embrace rapid application development techniques in order to quickly move from prototyping to implementation of software solutions.


Our team is well versed with several development technologies as highlighted, and can, therefore, deliver excellent quality Applications despite your choice of backend and frontend technologies.

Custom Solutions

Your application will be tailor-made from design to functionality according to your specified requirements.


We believe that less is more and therefore we’ll deliver well packaged and simple to use applications that won’t require extensive training in usage, to help your business get up

Technical Support and Continuous Integration

Our team will be willing to offer further assistance when the app is packaged and running to help you provide the best quality of service to your customers. Continuous integration will enable us to make improvements to your app’s codebase when needed.