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Best Web Development Company In Texas

How To Find The Best Web Development Company In Texas For Your Next Project

Website Development plays a pivotal role in securing your presence online. Whether you run an e-commerce business or a law firm or a real estate firm, you cannot afford to be absent or have a poorly managed web presence. Your audience largely perceives your credibility based on the website that you build for your business. A prospective customer is likely to be put off by a company that has an unresponsive website and would probably assume that the business is degenerating and not worth contacting to make a business enquiry. 

A web development company in Texas, at the bare minimum, will help you build and maintain a website that is easy to navigate, easy to update, SEO powered and presents a flawless small screen/mobile experience. 

Now, every web development company in Texas calls itself the most reputed, most awarded and most well-regarded agency that there is. 

So how do you know that you are signing with the right web development partner? To help you with this important but difficult decision, we have made a checklist of all the factors that you should weigh in before investing your trust, money and time in a web development company. 

Gather information on the company and their past work 

Most web development company in Texas these days have a section of their website devoted to case studies and client testimonials. Carefully comb through their work portfolio to see how they addressed client needs and issues.

You should also find out what their forte is and if it matches your expectations – whether it is creating a minimum viable product (MVP), providing tech resources or scaling products. 

Also, check reviews on third-party websites like Facebook, Google reviews, Trust pilot etc. 

In some cases, web development company in Texas are willing to share work samples and references of clients that they have worked with in the past – a call to former clients could give you useful insights on the work ethic and expertise of the vendor. 

Asses how responsive and communicative the company is

When you give your business to a web development company, it is likely that you will work with them for several months or even years to come. Right from the first email and call, keep tabs on how responsive the company is to your needs and requirements. Appraise how transparent and forthcoming they are while talking about their expertise and past challenges. A vendor company that goes silent on you without any kind of caution or notice is likely to ghost you when the actual work starts. 

Ask the right questions 

When you are in the process of finalising a vendor company, remember to create a questionnaire of all the possible scenarios involving costs, technologies, status reports that may come up as you work together on the development. It is important to clear the air on important issues before you invest time and money on a web development company. Following is an example of some of the questions that you should ask – 

  • Which technology stack do you use?
  • Which project management software do you use?
  • How soon will you respond to our queries?
  • Would your team be available on zoom, email, skype etc?
  • How often will you provide status reports during the project?
  • Would you charge maintenance and support costs after development?
  • Will I own the code?

How does the company’s website look?

An important insight into a prospective vendor’s work is their own company website. Appraise their website’s aesthetics, functionality, content, design and user experience. Moreover, an experienced and reputed company in this domain would work on updating their case studies and client testimonials section. Consider a  poorly run website as a red flag while choosing a web development agency.

Best Web Development Company In Texas

Talk to the team 

It is always a good idea to ask the company to introduce you to the team of developers who would be working on your project. This will provide you with valuable insights into the expertise and technical background of the team members and also how communicative they are and how sincere they are about working on your website.  

How do they handle project management?

Find out if they have a well-defined project management process. Before you finalise the agency ask them for a detailed roadmap on how they would be handling development. A lot of companies readily agree to their client’s methods but default later. Always, go for an agency that is ready to talk about pain points and challenges before they start working for you. 

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Which development methodologies do they use?

Before you quiz the web development company in Texas on their development methodologies, you must do a little research on industry trends and agile development methods so you have some context. Don’t let the agency fool you with hard-to-understand jargon. 

Next, ask the agency a lot of questions. This step will also help you rate the company on how responsive and cooperative they are. A good web development company in Texas will take out time to make you understand how they will move from one phase of development to another. 

Get clarity on costs 

Web Development agencies follow different pricing methods – some have a fixed cost for a project while there are many that charge by the hour. Find out what works for you. 

Besides the development costs, there are many other charges that you need to take cognizance of. For instance, find out how much the company would charge you for hosting your website. 

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Get clarity on support after going live

Does the web development company in Texas provide 3 months or 6 months or 1 year of support on issues after going live? Whether this support would be free or chargeable? Would these charges be calculated hourly, by the number of issues or at a fixed price?

Best Web Development Company In Texas

Communicate your needs clearly 

Before taking cognizance of points 1 to 10, define your requirements clearly and communicate them in lucid terms to prospective partners without any kind of hesitation. 

While evaluating your project requirements, you must ask yourself a few questions such as: What outcome are we chasing? Who is our target audience? Who are our competitors? How much time can we avail for web development? How much can we spend on this exercise? Is there a technology stack that will work better for us? What kind of support would we need once the development of the website has concluded?

Once you communicate the requirements clearly to the vendor, they would be able to give you the correct estimation of time, technology, money and resources. 

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