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Five Reasons Every Small Business Needs a Website

Five Reasons Every Small Business Needs a Website


In the past, many business owners would come up with excuses as to why they may not need a website such as lack of technical skills to implement, lack of funds, a website is not a priority for their business, but in recent years, many of the barriers that discouraged businesses from deploying websites have been overcome. Currently, there are many Content Management Systems CMS, such as Wix and WordPress that facilitate seamless creation of a website even without much technical skill. Web development has greatly gained popularity and many freelance developers could build a website for as low as $10. You could easily find a web development company in the USA or your country of residence. If you search for a Web development company in Texas or your current state you could find one and work with them closely to design and build your website. As for a website not being a priority, even without considering the statistical fact that most users search for businesses online without visiting the actual shop first, COVID-19 has proven quite the contrary. Many businesses are struggling to establish an online presence due to the harsh regulations enforced by many governments, such as Social Distancing, and also the closure of many businesses considered non-essential services. Having a website currently has proven to be the most efficient at ensuring the survival and continuity of many businesses.

5 Reasons why every small business needs a Website

Here are some of the major reasons to build a website for your business-

  • The potential to gain new clients: The ability to optimize websites for search enables your business to be easily located by potential clients. Google and other search engines.

It can be used to recommend your business when potential clients search for related products and services your business offers. You could use techniques such as Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Monetization to achieve this.

  • Building your brand: Branding is crucial for any business and therefore having a website with a rich set of customized features such as domain name and UI design, all contribute greatly to portraying your business brand. Branding helps build trust between a business and its clients. Apart from helping create a memorable impression, it helps you be distinguished from your competition and loyal clients can easily market your business for free online if they are proud to identify with your brand.
  • Offer specialized services: Your business can easily offer specialized services through a website, whether it is e-commerce, consultation, or after-sale services. A website can be customized to suit your business’ nature of operation no matter how unique. This will make it act as an asset
  • A better alternative to social media: Many businesses rely on Facebook among other social media platforms to conduct business and some assume that they can be a substitute for websites. However, it is good to note that social media platforms were not designed primarily for business and this has led to some major drawbacks, let’s highlight a few below:
  • Ads: Social media sites impose ads on your page which could easily distract your potential clients.
  • Distraction: Due to the lack of specialization, social media could easily make your customers distracted as their attention is divided. If they receive a message they could easily abandon your page and attend to other matters.
  • Operate for more hours: Having a website extends your organization beyond physical access. Clients can still keep in touch, make appointments, and access some of the services you offer through your website regardless of time. This acts as a source of additional revenue without the limitation of operating from 9 to 5.

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Advantages of having a website for your business

Below are some major benefits that could be derived from creating a website for your company-

  • Easily facilitate online transactions: The ability to conduct transactions via your website through various payment gateways such as PayPal could greatly boost revenues rather than relying solely on cheques and cash. This way customers can purchase items remotely. It also ensures a faster check out, for the process is fully automated for customers and therefore enhances the user experience.
  • Accessibility: Websites enable your users to access your products or services regardless of the devices they use. This gives you a greater reach to a large client base as websites are independent of devices whether Android, iPhone for mobile or Windows, and Mac for desktops. Any internet-enabled device can easily access it.
  • Contact: Potential or established customers can easily contact you through your website which you can link to various social media platforms and email messages. This can enable you to provide consultation, or customer care services by helping you keep in touch with your clients.
  • Virtual Space: Utilizing digital space can help you showcase your products, without having to overstock your store. Through this huge savings can be derived, for you will not need to rent a large space to display all your commodities. Customers could easily find exactly what they are looking for through search features in your online store.
  • Easy set up: It costs far less to set up a website than it does a physical shop. Many businesses today are built solely on websites and as a result, save on costs for setting up a shop. This is how major e-commerce businesses such as Amazon operate. They only need to account for storage. For a small business, this means you could completely overlook setting up shop and investing in delivery. This could go a long way to increasing your returns.
  • Trust: Through your website, it is much easier for you to communicate the nature of your business, its reach, and also plans for growth and expansion to both existing and potential clients. This communicates trust and can help boost the credibility of your organization in the eyes of clients.

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