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How Customer Feedback Can Improve Your E-Commerce Business

How Customer Feedback Can Improve Your E-Commerce Business


Customer feedback can prove to be a valuable source of data for any e-commerce business. It can help reveal insights about the company which would have otherwise remained unknown. Such insights could greatly contribute towards shaping the decision-making for your e-commerce business to provide a better quality of service for your clients. There are several ways to obtain customer feedback, and any e-commerce website design company in the USA could assist you in this. However, here we focus on the gains to be obtained from gaining customer feedback.

How can you obtain customer feedback?

There are several means of obtaining customer feedback. Some of the common ones include Reviews, Ratings, comments, interaction with customer service agents, performing surveys, and much more. Feedback can come in various forms, and each form has one or more underlying benefits more on this below.

How obtaining feedback can improve your e-commerce business

  1. Customer feedback could be obtained in various ways, one of the most common being customer ratings. Ratings are mostly used to rank the quality of services a business offers usually out of five stars. Ratings are preferred to buy many clients because they can be simply interpreted as a ratio or a number within a certain range, sometimes even a simple adjective good or bad. One of the major benefits of ratings is that it acts as a guide for many potential clients on whether or not to they’ll get quality service if they engage with your brand. With an understanding of this, having a good rating from a non-biased source such as the Google play store could go a long way in marketing the credibility of your company and enabling you to obtain new clients.
  2. Reviews contrary to ratings offer detailed information about an individual client’s experience with your business. Since they give detailed information, reviews both positive and negative can help identify the strengths of your e-commerce business as well as the weaknesses. This info could be used to guide decision-making on areas your company should improve upon.
  3. Reviews also provide a perspective of the business outside its own opinions. This is very healthy and can help assess whether the company is meeting its desired objectives such as providing quality customer service.
  4. If your company is reviewed or rated on several other websites, this could be beneficial as it would contribute towards SEO. Offsite SEO is crucial for your e-commerce business to be ranked higher and mentions on other websites help achieve this.
  5. Customer feedback also contributes to trust. If information about your business is accessible to the public, whether positive or negative, it portrays the legitimacy of your brand to both existing and potential clients.
  6. Feedback is useful in any form as it contributes towards customer satisfaction. When your business interacts with clients through means such as customer service agents, the clients can express their concerns and if met, they will be pleased and more likely to remain loyal to your brand, as opposed to them not having an opportunity to communicate.
  7. Client feedback can also lead to more conversion. Since availing the opportunity for clients to express themselves contributes to satisfaction as highlighted previously, it also ultimately leads to higher conversion rates, as it reduces the friction, customers encounter when trying to make purchase decisions.
  8. Customer feedback also helps you identify potential leads. Sometimes clients come into your website not ready to immediately make a purchase. However, if some of their queries could be answered concerning info on matters such as delivery times, shipping fees, and much more, they could be easily taken through the marketing funnel and be convinced to make a purchase.
  9. Customer feedback can also be useful to help determine which products to prioritize. Data and analytics tools usually try to predict demand based on past or recently occurring trends. This is great but, customer feedback could also be extremely valuable at helping determine products that could be in demand.
  10. To keep up with the competition, feedback could be useful as customers are known to compare businesses against each other. This comparison could be useful, for despite helping you identify your own business’ strengths and weaknesses, it could also help you identify that of your competitors making it much easy for you to stay above the competition and capitalize on their weaknesses.
  11. Customer feedback can guide development and design choices. This info can be gained from means such as AB testing. AB testing can help determine the right development changes to make on your e-commerce website or app. The ability to obtain this data could have several benefits such as improving customer experience and also driving conversion rates higher.
  12. Data on customer feedback provides a pool of valuable information that can be used to develop solutions that could help your business save on time and resources. Information on customer feedback could help develop a richer FAQ section on your e-commerce business website, making it much easier for clients to get answers to common queries. This data can also be used to develop chatbots which could contribute towards reducing the load on your customer service agents, as well as spearheading marketing campaigns, among other benefits.

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Customer feedback can be obtained in various ways, all of which can offer a fresh perspective of your e-commerce business. If customer feedback is taken into proper consideration, it could prove to be a valuable data source that could help your business make a lot of decisions. Customer feedback could also be both positive and negative. But, negative feedback doesn’t necessarily mean it is bad. Negative feedback could prove more useful as it could help your business identify its weakest areas, which can be improved upon. In the past, there was a limited set of avenues for obtaining client feedback. However, with advancements in technology. Software such as chatbots could be used to conveniently obtain client feedback. An E-commerce website development company in the USA, or your country of residence could help you integrate such solutions into your e-commerce business to get the most out of valuable client feedback.

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