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How to Automate a Real Estate Business using Custom CRM software

How to Automate a Real Estate Business using Custom CRM software


While your Real Estate business is small, it is much easier to keep track of information about your team, clients, and potential leads. But as it grows the data becomes overwhelming as leads may be scattered across social media platforms, websites, and various other platforms. Information in the form of phone calls, texts, and emails that could be valuable customer data could get lost or be mismanaged. This gives rise to the need for custom real estate CRM software. A custom-made Customer Relationship Management software (CRM) is a tool that will enable you to obtain, keep track of, and manage real estate property leads and data much more efficiently.

How can you automate your Real Estate Business with custom CRM software?

CRM has many benefits that can be used to make life much simpler for you and your real estate agents. A lot of time trying to dig through records of data could be saved through ways such as:

  • Simplified lead management: Your customers could learn about your real estate business through various sources such as websites, social media, apps, email, and other software. Without CRM it would be very difficult to keep track of all this data. A CRM will enable you to automatically keep track of all this info when a user takes a desired action such as filling out a form regardless of which platform they used. Your customer database will automatically be updated and all the information will be directly accessible from the CRM. After the lead has been captured, the CRM could be configured to automatically assign the lead to any of your agents depending on your desired criteria such as the location of the client vs the location the real estate agent has specialized in. However, it is also good to note that under normal circumstances no leads are ready for conversion. Sometimes people just view your website or go through your property listings without any current desire to make a purchase. Such leads need to be identified and nurtured as taking a drastic step such as calling them could taint your brand reputation. To deal with this, a custom CRM could obtain data on the client such as the location and type of property they seemed to be interested in, and send them targeted updates with the hope of recommending listings that may be of interest to them.
  • Managing Listings: A custom CRM will remove the hustle out of managing property listings. Regardless of whether you source your listings directly from clients, or Multiple Listing Service systems, your CRM will store the data in one place and easily keep all the info up to date. One of the advantages of having both data on clients and property listings being available on the same platform is that based on specific customizable rules, clients could be automatically matched with property listings. This data on listings and clients in one place is also what makes it possible to automatically send potential leads information they may likely be interested in after the system analyzes their profiles.
  • Managing your teams: A custom CRM goes beyond the limits of standard CRMs and can give you the benefits of project management software. The CRM will enable you to perform functions such as setting up tasks for your team members to complete. An example would be contacting a client. Your CRM could also be integrated with a calendar such as Google calendar

So that deadlines could easily be tracked, and in case of any rescheduled activities by your clients, the dates are automatically synced.

  • Managing Transactions: The CRM also enables you to manage all aspects of transactions from tracking commissions, documentation and automating all the calculations involving the transactions for each client specifically.

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Benefits of a custom CRM:

  • Saves Time: Automatic lead capturing will save a lot of time on manual data entry. It also helps conserve the human resource required. Your real estate agents could focus on interacting with clients with the time saved on managing and trying to put together data on various leads.
  • Analytics: With all the data on leads, transactions, listings in a centralized location, analytics could be used to match up leads with potential property listings they may be interested in. Analytics could also be used to analyze your financial data and help reveal insights that could empower your decision-making process.
  • Customizability: Real estate involves a lot of activities from site visits to meetings. The information generated from all these activities needs to be managed to empower the quality of service for your employees. Information on on-site visits and meetings can be easily managed and tracked through the use of a CRM to prevent your clients from being disappointed by missed appointments and site visits among other undesirable circumstances.
  • Mobile: Your CRM could be configured to work on mobile. This will enable your team too much easily and conveniently keep track of information and stay updated on tasks and also receive notifications.
  • Integration with existing tools: If your team is relying on some third-party tools like Dropbox, they can be seamlessly integrated with a custom CRM solution.

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A custom CRM solution will yield huge returns in the long run as it will save on time and resources. It will also simplify the management of all data from transactions to leads and listings. All the information will be centrally accessible to all your team members through various devices such as mobile phones and desktops. To implement a custom CRM for your Retail Business, contact a custom software development company in Dallas or your local area. The major benefit of a custom solution is that everything from UI design to implementation details such as the means of receiving notifications such as text messages, emails, or social media can be tailored to suit your business needs.

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