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Latest PHP Trends of 2022

Latest PHP Trends of 2022 That Will Benefit Your Business Website

If your business’ website runs on PHP, then you will be sure to enjoy some of these trending upgrades. Regardless of the type of business you run, there are several trending frameworks, libraries, and web technologies that are taking the PHP web development space by storm this 2020. Keeping up with web trends is important as many problems like security vulnerabilities and performance issues are addressed with some of the libraries and frameworks. You could find more info from PHP services such as PHP development services in Dallas. Upgrading your business website by accommodating some of these technologies has the potential to improve your website’s performance, improve your site’s security, and conserve server resources as well as other resources, save time, and money in the long run. Below we take a look at some trends that will surely benefit your business in 2020.

PHP and the Cloud

PHP is one of the oldest server-side languages that has faced backlash over its scalability in recent years. This is due to the increased use of server-side languages like GO and Node JS, which are considered to offer better performance. However, with many cloud offerings such as Google App Engine, supporting PHP out of the box, scalability concerns are being addressed. Old is gold, applies to PHP as it has a rich set of tried and tested features that have made it the most popular server-side language to date, and therefore, there is no need to replace for it is just as the other languages is scalable, more so when backed by any of the major cloud service providers such as AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google cloud.


Engaging clients is the best way to capture leads. In 2020, many companies are integrating chatbots into their website articles, and landing pages to engage with visitors and offer assistance. Through this, bots are being used to drive conversions, for they enable visitors to easily find what they are looking for as well as make them easily access customer service support. There are several PHP chatbot frameworks like botman.io, which you can integrate into your business website, to help increase conversions. Botman enables you to type questions that are probable for your clients to ask, and allows the chatbot to answer, with a predefined answer. Many other Chatbots follow a similar workflow, and some are powered by Artificial Intelligence, to give smarter responses. However, they are generally used to drive the conversation towards enabling the client to communicate with a customer service agent, sales, or marketing agent.

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Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

Web Page performance is crucial for any business, as it greatly influences your website’s bounce rate. AMP is an open-source JavaScript library, which can help improve the rate at which pages are loaded from your PHP server and also rendered on the client browser. In a nutshell, AMP may replace some of your website’s markup with AMP HTML, which has been optimized and guarantees faster load times, especially when your website is backed by a Content Delivery Network, that speeds up the serving of your website. AMP has been around for a few years now, but its interest has recently increased for it offers a competitive edge in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), which wasn’t a known fact in past times. AMP pages are more likely to show up higher on search result pages, and therefore AMP has the potential to place you above competitors when clients search for products or services in your business niche.

New E-commerce Horizons

The growing use of PHP, E-commerce web development through platforms such as Shopify, has the potential to offer businesses a greater reach to their clients on Facebook. Why? You may ask. This year on May 19, 2020, Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, announced Facebook shops which are an initiative that seeks to enable businesses to offer e-commerce services on their platform. Facebook shops, is in partnership with Shopify and several other e-commerce platforms. This means that your Shopify e-commerce website could be easily extended to Facebook Shops, and therefore extend your client reach.

Web Frameworks

Coding up websites in native PHP has proven to be difficult, and several web frameworks have helped solve this issue. In recent years, Laravel has been gradually rising to take the top spot as one of the most popular Model View Controller (MVC) based frameworks, that facilitate the creation of more scalable websites. One of the strengths of Laravel is that it has a more robust set of features such as the easy implementation of login flow, which may have greatly contributed to an increase in its popularity, compared to others such as Symphony, Codeigniter, and PHP.

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There are several trends affecting the many aspects of PHP web development. To understand more, you could consult a PHP development company in Dallas. Many of these trends will surely give your business an edge over your competitors and therefore, they are greatly beneficial to your business.

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