Assesses All Your Disaster Recovery Needs with A Proactive And Scalable Approach

Disaster Recovery: Plan before it happens

Any loss of data or downtime can result in loss of customers, revenue, litigation, penalties, poor productivity or a great deal of damage to your brand reputation. Keep the running of all your critical applications and missions unhindered even during a disaster with AOF’s DR services.

The framework of AOF Engineering Systems’ disaster recovery services is designed to meet the demands of enterprises to make business models resilient for delivering uninterrupted services.

Why should you opt for our DR Services

Plan for the Worst

Success in disaster recovery depends upon how meticulous, practical and decisive your DR plan is. Engineers and planners at AOF will ensure that you have the best plan in place considering the worst possible scenario.

Reduces TCO by Half

Help you with the strategy to implement global reduplication, cloud data protection, inventive tiering at the least possible cost without compromising with the future of the business.

Real-time Support Mechanism

AOF Engineering will ensure that an expert team is always available in the wake of any disaster. The right manpower and the resources should be always in place to run the business even if everything around you shuts down.

Typical Disaster Recover Service coverage

Cloud recovery and backup

  • Inline duplication and global source-side
  • Additional backup model for long term
  • Unlimited restores without any cloud egress charges

Enterprise Level RPO/RTO

  • Optional CloudCache for the faster access of data
  • Integration is done with AWS Snowball Edge
  • Availability on a national and global scale across all regions

Cloud Disaster Recovery

  • Recovery Time Objective (RTO) is done within minutes with Recovery Point Objective (RPO) of one hour
  • Automated run book and recovery execution
  • Recovery done within a VPC
  • Clone VPCs configured across all regions and accounts

Administrative services

  • Centralized Cloud-based management
  • Role-based Access Control (RBAC)
  • Predictive Analytics for the purpose of backup optimization

Long Term Retention and Simultaneous Archiving

  • Advanced tiering to S3 Glacier Deep Archive
  • Global search of files can be done across any data be it of any timeframe
  • Implementation and prediction of savings to be done in real time

Enterprise Security

  • Access to customer data for customers only
  • 256-bit AES encryption for the data at rest
  • Encryption of TLS 1.2 for the transitional data
  • Not any kind of key management is required
  • Certificates: Privacy Shield, HIPAA, SOC-2 Type-II

What is TCO savings?

The Total Cost of Ownership generally goes beyond the cost of acquiring a backup protection product for a new data center. Henceforth, it is really important to look at the complexity and long term costs of the solution. With the help of our TCO Calculator, you can calculate the potential savings that you can save through our cloud data recovery and protection services. 

With our End to End 24/7 monitoring services, efficient on demand Disaster Recovery model, you can increase your potential savings through a resilient and compact data backup system.