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Reasons to Automate your Marketing Campaigns

Reasons to Automate your Marketing Campaigns


What is marketing automation?

Marketing automation is the process of utilizing technology to automate marketing for an organization. Its main aim is to generate personalized content using leads, to acquire potential clients. Technology in this context refers to software such as email automation software, lead generation, marketing analytics software, online advertising, and social media marketing software among others. 

Marketing automation strategies

Depending on the nature of your organization and the types of goods and services you offer, there exist several methods that you can implement to automate your marketing. We highlight some major ones below.

  • Email Marketing: Email marketing is the process through which businesses send emails to potential or existing clients. This is usually done to sell a product or service, or advertising. Email marketing has proved to be one of the most effective methods of digital marketing with a high ROI due to the low cost of implementation, and the availability of several email marketing software.
  • Social Media Marketing: Social Media Marketing (SMM) is the use of social platforms such as Facebook and Twitter to generate content in form of text, images, and video, intending to engage your clients while promoting your business brand. Social media marketing has been proven to be more effective in terms of user engagement, rather than direct advertising as compared to other digital marketing techniques.
  • CRM Tracking: Customer relationship management software enables a business to keep tabs on the customer’s interactions with a business. Personal information, order history, and purchases are among some of the data CRMs help to manage. CRMs are one of the key tools in lead generation and help identify as well as maintain potential long-term clients.
  • Business Intelligence: Business intelligence comprises a set of algorithms and techniques that identify patterns in data and as a result empower decision-making to predict certain outcomes. Its application cuts through many areas of business, however in marketing it is mainly used in developing product recommendation systems, and can also be used for lead generation given customer input data from sources like CRMs.
  • Search Engine Marketing: This is a method through which a firm utilizes pay-per-click (PPC) services offered by search engines, for their website links to appear as ads at the top of relevant search results.
  • Live chat software: These are techniques that let your website visitors communicate directly with customer support.
  • Search Engine Optimization: Related but slightly different from SEM, SEO is the process through which a website’s content is optimized to appear in the search results. SEM includes SEO techniques as well as payments to the search engine. SEO relies solely on the creation of relevant content and backlinks to your website. If properly done, it can be a source of free marketing for your business.

Now that we’ve looked at marketing automation strategies let us take a look at some of the major reasons to invest in automated marketing campaigns.

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Reasons to Automate your Marketing Campaigns

  • Better customer experience: Through the implementation of techniques such as live chat, customers can get instant feedback on any questions or concerns they may have. This can encourage them to make purchases and act as a method of obtaining leads and customer acquisition.
  • Boosts productivity: Alternative marketing methods such as word of mouth, Point of Purchase marketing, and direct selling aren’t as productive as automated marketing, yet they tend to cost much more. Automated marketing campaigns utilize technology and less human effort, therefore, decreases the input required to effectively market your organization’s goods and services, therefore boosting productivity.
  • Customer retention: Through the use of CRM software, a firm will be able to keep track of interactions with clients. Customers that haven’t been actively purchasing products or services can also be easily filtered out. Your business’s customer service agents can directly contact the customers and get their feedback which may be useful in helping them remain loyal to your brand. This is just among many methods through which automated marketing campaigns help with customer retention.
  • Product recommendation: Business analytics software enables the design of algorithms that build customer profiles that can be used to recommend relevant products. This enables businesses to offer a personalized experience for their customers. Product recommendation also leads to higher conversion rates as clients are more likely to purchase goods that are relevant to their needs.
  • Time-saving: Most of the automated marketing strategies such as email marketing can be performed with the use of existing software, and therefore take much less time to implement, compared to other marketing techniques.
  • Saves on costs: Some automated marketing strategies such as Search Engine Optimization are entirely free, of course disregarding the labor cost. Your firm could utilize simple techniques such as blogging on content related to your field of specialization, to help your website rank higher on search engines. This could help you attract potential clients.
  • Product awareness: Social media marketing helps create product awareness and user engagement online, which can greatly contribute to customer acquisition. If done right social media marketing could greatly boost your business with the tendency of videos and memes to go viral.

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Where to start

With the knowledge, you’ve acquired on the necessity of automating your marketing campaigns you are probably eager to implement some of the techniques in your business. The best thing to do is identify which methods will be suitable depending on the nature of your business, commodities, and services offered, size among other variables. After that, identify the right tooling such as Live Chat to enable live chatting within your business’ website, CRM software such as Bitrix 24, email marketing software, and the right social media platform depending on your marketing objectives and target audience.  Another alternative would be to search for Email marketing in Texas or your relevant state for example Alvin’s email marketing consultant could help you find a suitable company in Alvin, Texas that could guide you through the implementation of an email marketing campaign.

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