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Sybase PowerBuilder @ AOF Engineering systems

Create data-driven, high-performance applications, faster than ever before with AOF’s Sybase PowerBuilder tool. This application development tool with its cost-effective solutions and intuitive user interface can aid you to dynamically simplifycomplex data manipulation, access and presentation.

The application development team comprises of the most professional, and experienced people who have accomplished various projects in financial services, technology, Energy & Natural Resources, and Consumer Industries. PowerBuilder is a 4GL, object aligned programming language that is Sybase owned and has been used since 1991. Its application peaked around 1998 with nearly 100,000 users. We have thorough know-how in not only PowerBuilder but also in PocketBuilder that is used for building mobile applications which run on PDAs or cell phones.

AOF’s qualified PowerBuilder programmers offer programming services which employ the inherent components of PowerBuilder to provide the benefits of cost and time to its customers. Our dedicated Maintenance and Support team guided by their expertise and quality of work is devoted to bringing business growth and success to our customers.

Key benefits of Sybase Powerbuilder

  • Accelerates the process of application with a highly receptive and intuitive interface.
  • Employs a relational database management system (RDBMS) of your choice & approval.
  • Converts complex data access, manipulation and presentation into a seamless and nearly codeless experience.
  • Communicates through web services, produces .NET assemblies and deploys the services to numerous platforms.
  • Minimizes the amount of developments costs and risks while incorporating the latest emerging technologies.
  • Enhances the current critical applications by leveraging existing competencies and skill-sets.

Our Sybase Powerbuilder Development Services

  • PowerBuilder Services for Web Framework
  • PowerBuilder Services for Web Application Development
  • PowerBuilder Application Development
  • WPF or Windows Presentation Foundation Applications
  • App development for iPods and Mobiles
  • PowerBuilder Services for Customization
  • PowerBuilder Application Maintenance and Support
  • PowerBuilder Migration Services
  • PowerBuilder Integration Services

PowerBuilder Migration Services

  • Migration to PowerBuilder 12.5
  • Migration of Power 9 to 12.5
  • Migration of PowerBuilder 7 to 12.5

Move out of PowerBuilder to other platforms

If you are looking for services to move out of PowerBuilder to other platforms, you can consider the services mentioned below:

  • Move out of PowerBuilder to Opensource Technologies
  • Shift from PowerBuilder to .Net/MS-SQL Server
  • Rebuild everything in PowerBuilder into Java-based technologies

AOF - Leading Sybase Powerbuilder Development Team

If you want to gain in-depth know-how into PowerBuilder Development and how it can transform and enhance your business design or you want to hire a team of PowerBuilder Developers or want to migrate from PowerBuilder by hiring an extended Development team, please contact us today.