AOF Portal Development

AOF Engineering systems can design and build a web portal that suits your business needs. Whether it’s based on your company and the range of services it offers, an e-commerce portal with features such as online chat and billing, our experts will guide your through the design and implementation faces to come up with a product tailored to your business requirements.

Types of Portals We Design and Develop

Intranet Portal

A synchronized portal solution to manage data across various branches of your organization.

Customer Portal

Gives users privileges to access info relevant to their needs, while restricting access to sensitive business data. It provides an all in one solution for managing customers as well as corporate data.

Employee Portal

Manages all employee information such as personal details, work attendance, payroll.

School Portal

Stores student information such as fee balance, clubs, grades.

Corporate Portal

Keep track of company data.

Shopping Portal

An easy to manage e-commerce portal with a wide variety of products and scales efficiently while meeting user demands.

News and communication Portal

Manage multiple blogs and post a wide-range of content that will be organized in a way easily accessible to your users.

Portal Features


Add payment gateways among other e-commerce features to your web portal. We can also link the platform to any of your existing services via APIs.

Email and notifications

Communicate with your users via email and notifications straight from the portal.

Manage Roles

Administrative functionality is key in managing access to resources and data. We, therefore, implement role management features with different access privileges

Database and Search

With the wide variety of information stored in online portals, the search is a crucial feature to facilitate ease of access. The system designed will enable users to easily search for and access indexed information to enhance user experience.

Benefits of AOF Portal Features


We will enable smooth migrations for your business to easily adapt existing or emerging technologies and integrate them with the portal.

Application Maintenance

Our experts will continue to monitor the system and ensure it meets traffic demands and attains optimal load times. We will also offer customer support for your team after implementation.