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Why Do Retailers Need a Mobile App Today?

Why Do Retailers Need a Mobile App Today?


Want to take your retail store to the next level? Getting a mobile app would probably be the best way for you to grow your business. Mobile apps are increasingly getting popular among users as they help deliver a great user experience and offer better security, accessibility, and fast loading times compared to alternate solutions such as websites. Whether you have a small supermarket, a drug store, or virtually any other type of retail store, here are some of the reasons why you should get a mobile app for your business.

Reasons why your retail business needs a mobile app:

  1. A mobile app will enable your retail store to operate beyond working hours. This could go a long way in boosting your revenue. With today’s busy lifestyle, many potential clients may lack the time to visit your store during the day. But with a mobile app, they could conveniently access it at night or even while on the move and make arrangements for purchase remotely. This enables you to obtain cash that could have otherwise been inaccessible.
  2. Easily integrate payment solutions. Mobile apps can allow your clients to make orders and pay from wherever they are. This also leads to greater returns as the ability to offer multiple payment options such as PayPal makes it more flexible for clients to make purchases.
  3. Keep your clients engaged. Mobile apps enable you to send push notifications to your clients. This way you could continuously inform them of offers, new products and even remind them to log in. Push notifications have proven to be a valuable tool in ensuring that users constantly engage with mobile applications and at the same time, they help convey potentially valuable info to clients.
  4. Offline access is one of the major benefits of mobile apps. You could add features that offer convenience such as a shopping list, which can boost brand loyalty. Also, shopping carts and other features could be configured to work offline. This will be valuable in case of a network process and also help clients easily access valuable data while offline.
  5. Analytics has revolutionized e-commerce by allowing businesses to make use of data obtained through mobile apps to better customize product offers to their clients. Mobile apps could allow you to achieve just this through obtaining data such as what kinds of products are your clients frequently view? Which ones are they more likely to purchase? To offer tailored product recommendations and help you to know which products are growing in popularity or fast-moving. Analysis of such data generated through apps could make your business more effective by boosting conversions immensely.
  6. A mobile app will be a vital tool to build your brand. It will enable customers to easily identify with and even refer it to their friends. Your store could easily obtain credibility and trust.
  7. Marketing your store will also be much easier as it will be accessible from anywhere. Mobile apps can also be optimized for search making them accessible to potential clients who may be looking for products you could be selling through your app.
  8. Client access to inventory. Apps could help your clients with information about the availability of items much easier, enabling them to purchase bulk orders and also request goods that are Usually stocked but may not be available at the time.
  9. Store efficiency. An online platform not only makes shopping convenient for clients but also makes the management of the store much easier. This reduces long queues at the counter and congestion which sometimes also discourages potential clients. This also means you could require fewer staff on the shop floor, therefore saving on costs, improving checkout time among other benefits.
  10. A highly customizable experience. Mobile apps could help you deliver just that through the use of mobile features such as sensors, thumbprint scanners that better secure apps, QR code readers to offer links to coupons, Augmented Reality to deliver an immersive shopping experience, GPS to track orders, maps, and others. Mobile apps give you access to a host of technology that could create a unique experience that could give you an edge over your competitors.
  11. Opportunities for customer acquisition and retention. Through a mobile app, you have various avenues for marketing such as through the use of referrals, you could offer clients coupons, gifts, and discounts among other prizes. You could also create loyalty programs that help in retaining existing clients.

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 Advantages of mobile apps compared to alternative solutions:

  • Security: Mobile phones are less vulnerable to some attacks such as Cross-Site Request Forgery which commonly occur in websites as they provide a layer of abstraction based on their design for code that can’t be as easily altered when compared to websites.
  • Performance: Mobile apps generally offer a better user experience as they surpass some of the limitations of browsers. This could go a long way in enhancing the user experience. Fast load times greatly reduce bounce rates and therefore help you retain and obtain clients.
  • Accessibility: Apps are directly accessible from your users’ home-screen and therefore reduce the hustle your customers would have to go to by having to type a URL to a website.
  • Offline Access: With a mobile app users can easily access some features even while offline. This contributes greatly to user engagement and customer satisfaction.
  • Device Feature access: Websites do have access to features such as accelerometers and geolocation, however some cutting-edge features such as body sensors may not be accessible, and also excessive usage of them could lead to performance limitations which will result in a bad user experience.

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To implement a mobile app for your retail business, you could find a Mobile app development company in Austin or Mobile App Development in Dallas, Texas, depending on your locality. They could assist you through the whole process of design and implementation of a mobile app that will greatly boost your retail store and in the long run offer great returns on investment.

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