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Modern products and services require a marketing mode that reaches the target customers as personally as possible. Email marketing is the most cost-effective way to reach out to new customers and retain the existing ones by providing various offers, insights, tips, news and so on. Email marketing allows you to target your audience with personalized messages and a Call-to-Action.

However, the key aspect of Email Marketing is not about sending the email to a list full of email addresses. The success or failure of any email marketing campaign is judged by the number of emails actually opened and read by the recipients.


AOF's 'safe' Email Marketing Strategy

AOF’s ‘safe’ Email Marketing StrategyOur general strategy is to use emails written in the form of “sales-copies” to target the audience. The idea is to increase readability and spread awareness about your brand rather than directly targeting enquiries. Instead of talking about ‘discounts’, and ‘freebies’ our focus is more on engaging the reader so that a positive feeling is generated from the email.

  • Sending emails that enhances the relationship between the merchant with its existing clients and to encourage customer loyalty by special offers to generate repeat business.
  • Sending emails to acquire new customers or to convince current customers to purchase something immediately, accelerating the targeted growth.
  • Advertising through emails sent by the competitors to their customers.

AOF Email Marketing: What's there for you?

  • Analyze the service and create a relation
  • Aesthetic elements to appease the reader
  • Personalized copy to target the audience
  • Flow that maintains relevancy of the message
  • Schedule the email delivery right at the opportune time
  • Monitor performance and find out conversions

Why should you hire AOF Engineering Systems for your email marketing campaign?

The long list of satisfied clientele is the testimonial of our Email Marketing services!

We, at AOF Engineering Systems, are working as a leading Email Marketing service provider for over the last 25 years. The experience that we have gathered working extensively in various industries, is the treasure that we nurture every day. Your trust in our SMM experts to optimize your social media profiles and pages will get you the best SMM services at the most affordable prices.

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We believe in continuous research and development of our knowledge base in every aspect of the services that we offer to our clients. Our certified Email Marketing professionals are fully equipped to get your goals.

Our Email Marketing services use the best and the latest email automaton service platforms

Our Email Marketing services use the latest tools and techniques to generate the best ROI for your business.

Professional and Comprehensive reporting

We offer monthly reports that explains your Email Marketing performance across the social media channels under our expert supervision.