End-to-end InfoTech Support for your business

Employ the deep tech background and the proficient expertise of the best minds here at AOF Engineering Systems. Time to create an enhanced IT strategy for a technological and digital transformation of your organization that lines up with your business goals and objectives. Our strategic IT consulting services will aid and assist you in every way to digitalise and automate operations, implement the newest technologies and optimize your software portfolio.

Our range of IT Consultation services will augment your software architecture, conceive a tech-driven digital strategic plan, and improve the operations by revamping your whole software portfolio. Our dedicated software engineers will frame your digital transformation journey through careful planning and productive execution of the constructed IT strategy.

Augmentation of IT Staff
Our IT Staff Augmentation services, are a cost-effective, reliable and proven way for the clients to increase the productivity and size of their internal development teams in a minimal amount of time. Our staffing services can provide this for any kind of project, no matter how simple or complex. Our top-notch IT professionals can integrate and adapt with the current workflow, and provide with options to build an experienced, efficient and conveniently located team.
Enterprise Architecture Expertise
Our team of Enterprise Architecture Experts will assist to make the transition from ineffective and obsolete IT delivery architecture and systems to a compact cloud-based infrastructure that shapes delivery systems. It streamlines the delivery systems that allow for the application of the latest technologies to be embedded in your IT strategy. In terms security, standardization and performance, our System Analysis and Design is unmatched.
IT Strategy Consulting
You need to make sure the steady delivery of high quality IT services and products for the smooth running of your enterprise workflow and also to satisfy your customers. You also need to adapt to and equip the newest technologies, in order to stay competitive and meet the requirements of modern users. Our IT solutions and strategy consulting team will aid you to strike a balance between these two objectives, ensuring that they never collide.
Software Portfolio
Our experienced team of IT consulting advisors will do a deep root analysis of how your employees use existing enterprise application and what there overall technology orientation is. Based on the assessment, we will suggest changes and plan for the next level of upgrade. The actual planning and development will follow next. Finally while deploying, we will do the necessary handhelding so that the transition remains seamless for all.

What we offer in IT Support

We consistently research and keep a track of the newest technologies to deliver progressive software solutions. Our IT strategy consulting team will help you to select the most suitable technologies for your industry and business, chalk out an implementation strategy and also assist you to implement them.

Blockchain Technology
We can help you in implementing Blockchain technology to automate your business and make it more transparent and secured. Process data in lightening-fast speed.
Augmented Reality
Use practical AR to increase efficiency and transform key operations. Use ARs model that can scale-up presentation and reach of your products by several notches.
Artificial Intelligence
Employ AI algorithms to extract value out of your data and employ those insights into your operations. We can even develop intelligent bots to help in your business.
Internet of Things
Use IoT to monitor and optimize your operations and to level up efficiency and achieve more insights. Time to automate your process to the next level.

Cloud Computing
Use cloud-based platforms like Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure for creating a connected, scalable and flexible business environment. Take our experts’ help for cloud best practises.
We can help in all sorts of financial technology-based applications. From Payment processing to ultra-secured transactions, we can suggest the right model for your business.